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Rhododendron Alert!

Have you heard about the Glorious Gardens of Argyll and the great Victorian Scottish plant hunters? If you are a fan of a big, bold Rhododendrons then the West Coast is a mecca and you must visit soon as these beautiful plants come into their own later this month and throughout May and early June.

I confess to having mixed feelings about these plants as in some parts of Argyll they have become invasive and they are poisonous to most lifestock so whilst they can look lovely they can be deadly. I do have a softspot though for Arduaine Gardens just south of us and their collection if one of the best in Scotland. The garden is warmed by the North Atlantic Drift and whilst famed for is rhododendron species collection, it also boasts magnolias, camellias, azaleas and wonderful tender trees and shrubs. Arduaine is  one of Glorious Gardens of Argyll and Bute and we are lucky that there are so many all within an easy and scenic drive of Cologin. Another favourite is north of Cologin (and Oban) just before the wee village of Taynuilt. Angus’ Garden is a real cracker is you like water, woods and wildlife and a lovely back story.  – no I am not going to spoil it for you – you will just have to visit for yourself.