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Digital Detox!

For Cologin’s busy booking office our rural broadband connection speed can be frustratingly slow but we’ve noticed a few comments recently in our customer reviews enjoying the ‘digital detox’ and slower pace of life in our tranquil retreat in the glen!

For many these days, having a holiday does not always mean leaving the office behind – whether you want to or not. So, after the initial shock of finding your mobile signal is inconsistent or non existent depending on your provider, many visitors relax and enjoy the fact that their office really will have to stick to your request to not contact unless there’s an emergency! There’s email of course – but you can choose to log in and look at your messages.

The phone is far more intrusive and it’s pleasant and peaceful without the constant beep, ping or whiz of texts. As soon as you drive the 2 miles into Oban town centre you will pick up your messages so you are not completely cut off. And we actually do have a working public phone box at Cologin – your children will not have a clue how to operate such an antique but it’s a useful history lesson for them.