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Rain, Rain Go Away – Come Again Another Day!

There’s a Scottish rain poem which most visitors to the west coast will come across at least once during their stay as it hangs in many pubs, guest houses and receptions across Argyll.

I know it as the Argyll Rain Poem and here it is:

It rained and rained and rained,

The average was well maintained:

And when our fields were simply bogs,

It started raining cats and dogs.

After a drought of half an hour, 

There came a most refreshing shower;

And then the queerest thing of all,

A gentle rain began to fall.

Next day ‘‘twas pretty fairly dry,

Save for a deluge from the sky.

This wetted people to the skin,

But after that the rain set in.

We wondered what’s the next we’d get,

As sure as fate we got more wet.

But soon we’ll have ….a  drop of rain!


But don’t worry if it rains when you visit Cologin. Remember there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing! And it’s always warm and dry in the Barn Bar – the only liquid there is where it should be – in a glass.