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Oban Winter Festival

Get yourselves into town tonight for the most important event in the Oban Winter Festival programme! Santa and his reindeeers are coming to town. The Christmas lights will be switched on and there’s a lovely festive feel to Station Square and the Esplanade.

Take a walk up to McCaig’s Tower – with its illuminations back up to full power it looks magnificent.  Sunset will be early tonight as its clear and sunny this afternoon.

It’s also your last chance this year to spot a meteor as the Earth passes through the cosmic debris left in the wake of Comet Tempel-Tuttle. The Leonid Meteor shower peaks this weekend with 10-15 meteors an hour dashing across the sky.


We’re lucky at Cologin – with no light pollution and dark clear skies forecast tonight we could see a breathtaking display of shooting stars.