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Cologin Blog

Mary’s Planning an Island Retirement!

Our Harris born and raised chef/manager of the Barn Bar is planning on returning to her island home at the end of this season leaving the way clear for a new, ambitious entrepreneur to take on the Barn Bar as a stand alone business. The Barn is at the heart of Cologin and it’s integral to the operation of the lodges and the social life of the glen.

We will miss Mary and her extended family – many of whom have served behind the bar, waited tables or washed pots in the kitchen.

Mary’s daughter is currently working as a chef in the kitchen whilst her daughter works front of house. It’s always been a family affair! Son Donnie managed the bar for a couple of years but has already returned to his native Harris and he’s looking forward to mum Mary and dad Donald (senior) following his lead.

Our own family has also been heavily involved in the Barn Bar over the years and all three of our girls have pulled pints during summer holidays home from university. We’d love to keep the family feel of the pub and rest assured it will continue to offer visitors and locals a great place to socialise, eat and drink and share the ‘craik’ for which it is famous.

I am not sure I will manage to get Mary’s family recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding before she retires but here’s hoping!