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Happy New Year – Here’s to 2018!

We have had an incredibly busy festive season this year and Hogmanay was busy with old friends and new acquaintances. For the first time in 35 years we were missing our regular New Year guests the Shaws and the Gillespies who decided that the journey north was going to be too much for them. We inherited these lovely old customers from Henry and Val when we moved to Cologin so it did feel like the end of an era without them.

Wishing all our old friends (as that is what many of our old customers have become) a fit and healthy 2018. We are now closed for the rest of January, but the site is a hive of activity with the Barn Bar getting a new internal roof and some of the lodges getting new bathrooms. And of course online booking is 24/7 so even though our office is closed and the telephone will remain unanswered you can still book direct via our website.