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Hamish and the Drover Wire Sculpture

To celebrate Jim’s 60th birthday earlier this year I decided to do something a wee bit different! I have always admired the sculptural wire work of local artist Tara Coggans but felt that for a big birthday I needed something of a statement piece and asked Tara if she could create a lifesize wire sculpture. We kicked around some ideas and given  The Barn Bar’s history as a cattle byre and Cologin’s location on an ancient drovers’ road, we soon agreed on a Highland cow and a drover. These figures would be the prefect candidates.

I left the constriction entirely to Tara and I recommend you read her blog on how the sculpture took shape. Needless to say, this was her first lifesized commission in wire and it was by her own admission “a steep learning curve”, but the end result is fantastic and we are thrilled.

Being on the Barn’s roof the sculpture is visible as soon as you come into Cologin and when the sun shines the stainless steel and copper wire really stand out. For those who admire Tara’s work, her smaller animal sculptures in wire can now be purchased from the Barn Bar and are on display in the craft gift cabinet.



T: 01631 564 501