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Electric Vehicle Charge Points Now Available

If you’re worried about charging your EV whilst on holiday in Scotland you can rest easy as we’ve added two conveniently located charge points at Cologin for our guests and they’re FREE to use! charge point

We’ve installed them just behind the main stone byre so you can plug in overnight or simply give your battery a quick top up charge when you come back from your day’s travels. The technical data is as follows:

We’ve installed a EV18-375b dual 7kW charge post which is suitable for most vehicles (excludes Tesla) and will fully charge your car in around 2 hours. The charge point is part of the Charge Place Scotland scheme so it’s available to members of the public visiting the Barn Bar for lunch or just taking a walk in Cologin Forest. You can see if the charge point is in use by clicking on the interactive Charge Place Map

And the good news is it’s FREE to use!