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WorldHost Accreditation!

Excellent customer service is key to any successful hospitality business and it’s second nature to Jim, whose family owned hotels in Glasgow and Ayrshire, so he is a born hotelier! But you’re never too late to learn and this year Cologin was awarded WorldHost Accreditation in recognition that more than 50% of our staff have successfully completed a full day’s training workshop in the Principles of Customer Service.

worldhost accreditation

Working with holidaymakers enjoying the freedom offered by self-catering is usually a pleasant and rewarding task. Occasionally things do go wrong and how you deal with a problem or criticism certainly sorts the men from the boys. These days social media leaves you nowhere to hide so it is crucial that problems are spotted and put right before they become an issue. Unfortunately, not all are within our control to fix! Our most regular complaint is the poor wi-fi connection speed at Cologin – and sadly we can do nothing about this due to our rural location. But one person’s problem can be another person’s bonus and for many tearing children away from their usual online activity can lead to families re-bonding and enjoying old fashioned activities and enjoying time together.

We’re glad to report that we receive far more compliments than complaints and also that some of our most popular improvements have come from customers’ suggestions so we value feedback both good and bad. All our guests receive an email inviting feedback from a third party review site and we read every report. You are always welcome to pick up the phone or drop us an email before you complete a feed-back form if you would rather not make your review public.


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